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  1. Jaime, in the small shit you gave us for the presentations of Monday it says that we had to talk about the presentation, make a summary, write questions… but we had two presentations about two different things. Do we have to talk about the two presentations??

  2. Thank You Jaime for putting me that note in the “Social Science Task” of Mithology and Rome. I have a Very Good that is an 8 no? How much part of the notes of Social Science counts for the term?

  3. Hi Jaime , how are you?
    Yesterday mister Alfonso told us that you have an sprain.
    I hope that after the 5 days whithout high school you Will be ok.
    I hope you are better!

  4. Jaime the exam would be on the 9th may.?
    I ask you because you have a sprain ,if you don’t teach us,how do I study?

  5. Hello Jaime, how are you? I hope you are well
    I also wanted to ask you about the exam, is it going to be on the 9th of May?
    Get better soon!!

  6. Hi teacher , I hope you are feeling better. As you know, some parts of lesson 10 (from page 170) didn’t give at class. I would like to to known if these parts are going to be at exams or not

  7. Hi, Mr Alonso.
    How are you? I’m verry sorry about your sprain!😦 I wish you recover soon. So, when will be the exam, if we do not have it the 9th? Is to know it in advance for me not to surprise……
    Best wishes & recuperate soon!🙂

  8. Jaime, how are you? We all miss you a lot! When are you going to came again to the high school? I hope you recover.🙂

    • I Paula!!!🙂 Thanks for you message😀

      Apparently, my ankle is much worse than expected, so it will time a long time to recover… And I might not be teaching you in this year… ;((((((

      Anyway, there should be a substitute teacher with you soon, so you do not waste so much time.

      Hasta pronto!

  9. Hello Jaime,
    I have just read the last comments and I’d like to tell you that I’m very sorry that you are not comming again. I hope you recover.

  10. Hi jaime,I have read your last comments and I very sad because you might don’t teach us this year,I also hope there would be a miracle for you to recoverr.anyway I hope you are better🙂

  11. Hi Jaime, I have been reading the comments in the blog,and I´m very worried because you are not coming again, I agree with Paula,hope there is a miracle and you come again!!I hope you recover soon!!!😀

  12. Hello, Jaime. I hope you are better. I have one question;
    When it is going to be the exam? Sorry because of the question, because I think that many people asked you, but I am making a mess. Thanks, and recover soon! :d

  13. Jaime how are you? can tomorrow the sustitute give us the exam? Is that I was revising and I prefer if s/he explain us what we haven’t read in class about Greece, can s/he?

  14. Jaime, soy Diego Galindo, se que a las alturas que estamos, es un poco tarde, pero me podrias decir como se les llaman a las formas de las pirámides de población, gracias🙂

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